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Quality Focused, Whole Home Remodeling Services on the Grand Strand

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Welcome to Sea Level Construction's Complete Home Remodeling where quality is everything. Our team have been in the construction industry for over over 10 years. It's been our attention to detail, the quality of our work and materials, along with always putting the client first that have allowed us to serve so many different households and property managers with their home remodeling and maintenance projects. We work on many different scopes, from general maintenance and repairs to full home renovations and want to make your dream project a reality. We always meet with our homeowners face to face, listen to what they want to see, so we can better understand their goals for the specific project. We outline the steps of the job with timelines to ensure we are on schedule with your expectations. You can expect swift work along with progress updates as we complete each task or scope of work. If you have any questions about your next project please reach out. We love to be a resource for all of our homeowners. Thank you in advance and we are excited to work with you on your next home remodel, maintenance or repair project.

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